Monday, November 11, 2013

Advocacy Groups from USA

Liberation Movements All Europe United

1 Alliance of Euro      5 Danskernes Parti
2 BNP 6 Deutschland NPD
3 BNPtv 7
4 BirminghamBNP 8 English Defense League
9 Golden Dawn(official)      13
10 GoldenDawnyoutube 14 GoldenDawnusa
11 GoldenDawn Newsroom 15 GoldenDawnuploads
12 GoldenDawnMontreal 16 GoldenDawnlink
17 Finland Patrioti      21 ICP Ireland
18 Italia-forzanuova 22 ITL-peopleFreedom
19 Italia: fiammatricolore 23
20 ☆generation-identitaire 24 Jobbik4Hungry☆
25 nacionalismo criollo      29
26 30
27 31
28 32 NationalFront u.k.(mirror)
33 Northwest Frontusa      37 national Dem Sweden
34 Front National 38
35 Polski-National 39
36 Portugal PNR 40 ataka.Bulgaria
41 L'International ICLA      45 Lithuania ldp
42 Espana MSR 46 Tvarka.LT
43 Espana-falange 47 Vlaambelang
44 Sweden: Exponerat 48 Nacjonalista-Poland
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Advocacy Groups from USA

Liberation Movements All Europe United

Alliance of European National Movements British National Party BNPtv Birmingham BNP Danskernes parti Deutschland NPD EDL
Golden Dawn (official) Golden Dawn (yt) Golden Dawn Newsroom Golden Dawn (Montreal) Golden Dawn (usa) Golden Dawn uploads GoldenDawn Youtube Links
Finland Patriootti Jobbik for Better Hungry Italia: Peoples Freedom Italia: Forzanuova Italia: fiammatricolore
generation-identitaire Immigration Control (IRE) Polski: national Rebirth nacionalismo criollo (mirror) FrontNational
Portugal Renovator Party Espana: falange (non-political) Vlaamsbelang Republic Social Movement (Order and Justice) Northwest Front (USA) Liberties Alliance add your site

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Advocacy Groups from USA

Liberation Movements All Europe United

 Golden Dawn (official)      Golden Dawn (    Golden Dawn Newsroom   

 Golden Dawn (Montreal)   Golden Dawn (USA) 

 Golden Dawn Uploads   GoldenDawn (link-site) 

1 Alliance of european National Movements      5 Danskernes Parti
2 British National Party
6 Deutschland NPD
3 BNPtv
7 English Defense League
4 BirminghamBNP
8 Finland Patriootti

9      13 Italia: people of freedom
10 Jobbik, for better Hungary
14 Italia:Forzanuova
11  generation-identitaire    
15 Italia: fiammatricolore
12 Immigration control platform
16 Polski: national Rebirth

17 nacionalismo criollo      21
24 (mirror)

25         patrioott        29 FrontNational
26 Portugal Renovator Party
30 yt2
27 Espana: falange (non-political)
31 Vlaamsbelang
28 Republic Social Movement   
32 Order and Justice
unknown goals? 

33      35 NorthwestFront  
34 Liberties Alliance**

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The International Civil Liberties Alliance is a good organization.
However, This group is NOT endorsed by BNP, because ICLA is believed to be funded by conflict organizations.
Therefore, two Asterix marks will be placed as caution.
Warning: Although The EDL is opposed to Muslim immigration. They allegely support all others.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

     This website gives easier access to Golden Dawn Party.  It's currently hosted by   In the future, this blog may be transferred to the party's owners.

     The main purpose here is to [Unite all resistance movements throughout Europe].   On this page, there will be NO websites relating toward American Interests.
     The following Table features only European websites.

This website is owned and operated by Dr. Shannon. Our main Human Rights website is This page is still under construction. Please refer to Hopefully, the account will be available soon. UNDER CONSTRUCTION.
Unity: "Groups: United Together"

     This is Dr. Shannon, founder of a organization called Men's Rights: Social Awareness.  The group was primary meant to rebuild families;  and help Fathers gain Justice.   The group remained active for 30 years before I got involved with a new movement to save Europe from Genocide.

    We have another active website,  Most links are located in the USA, and their articles are written in The English Language.   But, it's necessary for all Europeans to become aware.

    Important ideas should be shared between American websites  & those located here in Europe.   The Internet is our window to the world.  It is the more valuable tool we have.
    ....It's now time to begin sharing information.

The Secret War against Europe

    The truth is finally revealed.   There is a war being fought against us.  It is not a conventional war.  They do not use weapons against you.  .  Rather instead;  they try to destroy our cultures from within.   It does not happen overnight.  But, after several years, your country slowly falls.  

    Their biggest weapon is forced assimilation, and massive immigration.
 It is a simple plan:   Bringing millions of foreigners to your country.  So, every "asylum seeker" will enter Europe (either they come illegally, or, they are receiving help from the government.)

   Studies do prove:  immigrants are 5 times more likely to commit robberies or theft.  But, statistics show the biggest rise of sexual crimes and mistreatment against women. (sometimes, all rapes are committed by foreigners).  The alien cultures will persecute daughters and sisters.

   But, these facts would not matter.   Good or bad; foreign migration is harmful.
The immigrants will change your country in every way.

 1)  You will loose the physical appeal.   Every nation has familiar faces.    Why should any country be forced to change demographics?

2)  The political landscape will change.   This is not merely gaining seats in your government.   They might change your entire political system.   Your Parlaiment, Your constitution.   Foreigners will not continue the government which you are familiar with.

3)  Your traditions and styles will be comprimised.   The Zionists want to destroy your culture.  
For example:  if Ireland becomes predominantly African; the entire country would change.  There would be no more Celtic Dances.   {Oddly;  many Globalists would argue against these claims.  They create theories: attempting to prove foreigners can assimilate into European culture.   Although these claims are probably not true; Zionists should not be allowed to experiment with their own theories.  Why bring 90 million Africans into Europe, just to prove they can become one of us?}

4)   Eventually, the Zionists will distort The Library.  And, our History Books will give credits to Africans for building Greek and Roman cultures.  And eventually; Zionists will try to remove our accomplishments from remembrence. 
      In other words:
 If your ancestors invented great machines; or, if your ancestors created Art & Music; someone else might steal the credit, someday.

5)  They will portray you badly, in our history books.  This has already happened in the United States.   We are blamed for everything by School Teachers.    This is our daily classroom routine.

6)  This might seem outlandish.  But Someday; they might try to erase any evidence of your greatness.   Does this seem too far fetched?   
                 If they try to erase your genes, and your DNA; it will not stop there.

Media Bias:  the enemy within --

        The media is a big problem.  They will try to stop our movement;  portraying us with negativity.  Here is a typical example:   Every day, The entire world is filled with conflicts and violence.  But, The USA News industry never insults these perpetrators of war.   When nations fight Civil Wars, the American Media carefully discusses the events.  No one is described with guilt.   Fighters are often decribed as "rebel forces",  "insurgents",  "armies",  or  "opposition".   The USA media never speaks badly of anyone.   Even the most extreme cases are free of stereotypes.   When thousands are murdered in Rhawanda or Liberia; even the killers receive tactful reporting.  
        But, Journalists choose a different rule, when discussing issues which concern European Countries.   So, if anyone criticizes  immigratin policies; they will be called "racist haters".  More importantly; mainstream media will speak badly against all citizens.
 (for example:  If a British man claims 'immigration is hurting his country', his remarks will be demonized throughout television.   Newscasters will also blame all the British people for bigotry and intolerance).  Please remember:  other cultures are immune to such blaming.   The Mainstream media would never describe Chinese people as "racist"  or "intolerant".   Virtually all societies throughout the world are never criticized.  Not even once.   But, Europe the only exception. 
      Additionally, we are faced against constant stereotyping.   Ironically; there is little protest amongst Europeans despite our bad reputation. Yet  lately, The Golden Dawn Party has begun to assirt themselves.    And, for this; they are called Neonazi Fascists.
    Apparently, Greek citizens should accept their own demise.  Communists are attempting to destroy all European societies.  And, Cultural Marxism will succeed, unless challenged by groups, such as Golden Dawn.  
     Every day, The Media tries to discredit us.   They want to stop our movement before it begins.   We all read meaningless stories which accuse Golden Dawn members of minor offenses.   Giving food to their own people; Marching in the streets;  yelling at a politician.  Meanwhile;  the earth sees unspeakable violence.  While much is virtually ignored by mainstream media.   Each year; there are dozens of wars & conflicts throughout The World.   Most people are not even aware.   ...but, Journalists will spend thousands of hourse trying to prove that BNP Nick Griffin is "racist".   The Media is tightly controlled. And, it is being used as a weapon against Western Nations.  Just read Swedish Newspapers, or,  The Norway Post.  Go watch television in Germany or Canada.   These Global Conglomerates are holding us down.

The World is a Bad Place

     It matters not whether I read a newspaper in the USA, or, in Greece.   The Media actively tries to persecute Europeans.  Yet, their verbal assaults are somewhat humorous.   Let us review the terrible crimes committed by different cultures.   They practice public beheadings, burning people alive, veiling women, female circumcism & genital mutilation, child brides.  Other cultures permit abnormalities, such as, sexual assault, and honor killings.  
......But, The entire media launches harsh criticism against Europeans.   They claim 'Europe must become more enlightened'.  "Europe should have a more tolerant society".    These claims are ridiculous.   
Europe is the last place where such doctrine needs to be taught.  
(one brief note:   I originally planned to include an entire playlist showing routine violence throughout the world.  But, the images were too harsh.   There are thousands of videos on the internet which corroborate my theories.   Also, most barbaric practices receive acceptance from the public.  And, these crimes are not unique to the Muslim community.)
The Lingering Question
 Why does everyone try to attack European culture?  Why is there an organized effort to eradicate Western nations?   
 The answer is quite simple:  We offer the only chance to stop tyranny, communism, and sharia law. Western minds have the power to secure a strong future for all humanity.   This is why Globalists want for us to disappear.   The book; titled "1984", written by George Orwell is not fiction.

The Deed is spoken

     I have debated against Globalists during the past 6 years.  And,  They make 4 simple points.
 1)  they push for Massive immigration into all European nations.
 2)  they force Europe to accomodate different cultures, rather than expecting migrants to assimilate.
 3)  They promote racial mixing.  Globalists want to dillute the entire European demographics.
 4)  And, they also claim that Europeans have recessive genes. 
     (In other words:   European physical traits will disappear when races blend)
Please read these 4 sentences again.   Read them closely.


This next chapter attempts to prove there is a serious problem.  Under construction.